Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mission Paradox: Watch Out for the Game Changers

Over at Mission Paradox, we are asked how we will respond to the Game Changers. I'm going to steal a big chunk of the post, but hope you will read the rest and also watch the Seth Godin video. He writes:

While people get caught up in arguments about new plays versus classical works, or why people don't go to dance recitals, somebody is out there thinking about the theatre business as a whole, the dance business as a whole . . . and working on a way to change the whole damn thing.

This person . . . these people . . . are game changers. And you need to be ready for them.

Look at the music biz. For decades the big guys thought things could never change.

But they did.

When the wave of change hit they didn't respond to it nearly quick enough.

So now many of those companies are fighting for survival.

It is no different for the arts.

Eventually somebody is going to figure out a way of funding and selling theatre that is going to allow for well paid artists, complex artistic expressions, etc.

Somebody is going to figure out how to build a well respected arts gallery in 5 years, not 25 years.

When that happens, how are you going to respond?

I'm curious how people are going to answer that question...

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