Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MY Response to the Devilvet Challenge

devilvet: "So tell me in 250 words or less how you are going to change theatre for the better?"

1. Decentralization. Get out of the major cities and gather somewhere else that isn't already choked with theatre. No drive-by guest artists from Nylachi.

2. Localization. Form an ensemble that will stay together for a while. Preferably with at least one resident playwright attached who writes plays for the ensemble. Become an active member of the community. Listen.

3. Tribal economics. Pool income. Take out what you need to survive. Each member brings more to the table than their theatrical specialty. Ensemble controls ancillary income. Everyone does everything.

4. Education. Teach young artists the entrepreneurial and collaboration skills needed to control their own artistic lives and truly co-create.
There -- 142 words to spare.


Devilvet said...

Great! I like it! Now I want an outline of tactics under each of the four points. Top 3 ways to achieve each of the four points.

You could tell me to go stick...But, I hope you don't


Anonymous said...

It took me days and days (and many blog articles) before I figured out what Nylachi is. Heh. Call me stupid, if you want. Cool word though.

I think those are great bullet points. Looking forward to seeing more.

Unknown said...


Quick thought:
Ensemble: Examine the balance of involving as many people as possible in the community versus creating a working troupe that has clear understanding of the efforts and commitment needed to get their cut of the door. We all have dreadful memories of someone not pulling their weight at a crucial moment.
More soon. Gotta suck down more coffee.

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