Saturday, February 23, 2008

Model: Two Examples of "And Then"

From the Community Arts Network website (
"Arlene Goldbard, sometimes called the Godmother of community arts, is offering an interesting workshop in Oakland, Calif. , this spring. Here's her description:

The Refresher Course, a five-part workshop series designed to refresh your vision, values and emotional vigor. I'm offering The Refresher Course every other Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm starting March 25 (subsequent workshops will be April 8, April 22, May 6 and May 20, 2008). They will take place in a comfortable location near Lake Merritt in Oakland. The series fee is $250, payable by check or credit card. Each session focuses on an important aspect of self-understanding and self-development, using guided visualization, journaling and dialogue in a welcoming atmosphere that allows you to participate in exactly the way that’s most comfortable and helpful for you."
Now, this is the type of thing that artists can do quite well, and there is a hunger for this sort of thing.

Another example -- one that I have personally experienced and been blown away by -- is the Circle Project ( Patti Digh and David Robinson use variations on theatre games and other techniques to help universities, organizations, and businesses address issues of diversity and community. They conducted a workshop last week on my campus that I attended that was truly outstanding. Robinson is a Seattle-based director who recently directed the NYC production of the play Dirt that got an excellent review from; Digh writes the inspirational blog 37 Days (, and has written several books as well. The two of them will be publishing a book entitled Toast Rules that will come out in the next several months. They represent a great example of artists using their talents as consultants.

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